Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's true we're moving to Budapest, Hungary and we can't wait!

So this all started about 15 months ago at a CIY summer conference in Colorado. The question to the youth group was 'Where do you see yourself 5 years from right now?' It came from the youth group discussion questions provided by CIY and before I could get it out the thought came into my head, 'not living in this country.' I was a little surprised.

I've never wanted to live outside of the country, though I enjoy traveling when I can. I chose not to share this with the youth group, whom I love dearly and will miss tremendously. In fact I didn't share it with anyone until the next day. I could not help but wonder from where this idea had come.

The next morning I shared it with Beth, my wife. She too looked surprised, and agreed thats crazy. Then she went to a class with Mark Moore. A class which she had already attended twice that week. But on this day and at this time he chose to share his new work with The Institute for Christian Resources ( and their current need for new directors at the Budapest Christian Library ( Mark said they needed someone with book knowledge, ministry experience, and a heart for missions.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, folks we have a winner.

In Beths words she was overcome by the spirit. And our friend Alex, who was sitting beside Beth agreed. She thought something was wrong with Beth becuase she broke out in a cold sweat, had a shortness of breath, and was nearly overcome by the anxiety she felt for the next hour as she tried to concentrate on the lesson Mark now began to share.

Well much more has happened since that initial call. Check back here as we continue this journey. We plan to be in Budapest by August 1, 2009 and are currently raising funds to cover our set up and moving expenses as well as our annual support.

Please pray for our family, our Church, and for Budapest.

Peace, rusty