Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Not Surprised

So after nearly a year of trying to convince God that, inspite of our willingness to entertain the idea to go, there really did have to be a better option. After all we had 3 kids (4 now) and as I've said we really love our Church and our community in Brownsville, TX. Why wasn't there some young college kids willing to go, someone without children, someone for whom it would cost far less to be there.
We decided we should go for two weeks and see whether or not this was work we really could do and to see if this was a place we were willing to raise a family. We spent the first week participating in nearly every activity the library has to offer. We then took the next week and visited schools where our children might attend and looking at neighborhoods where we might live. We tried to get a good 'feel' for the city and the culture.
We loved it, all of it. The library, the city, the school for the kids, and the people. But we were still convinced that someone else would be better option.
We'd been home for few months when the door bell rang one evening. Nola and I answered the door to find 3 anglo young ladies on our front porch asking to sing us a song. I said yes and they sang us a song about Jesus and love and children. Once it was finished, they began to tell us about their mission work in Mexico City.
I noticed that one of the girls had an accent and asked where she was from. I was a little surprised when she said Norway. I then told her that we were contemplating a move to Budapest where we would operate a christian library. She said, "Oh is it the Budapest Christian Library?"
Well I'm a bit of a synic so I thought to myself, of course its the Budapest Christian Library, I mean what else would you call a christian library in Budapest. But I didn't say any of this, I only said, "Yes, it's the Budapest Christian Library." Then she says, "So you know Phyllis and Andy." Phyllis and Andy are who we spent our two weeks with while in Budapest.
So all at once I'm trying to put together a girl from Norway, who is a missionary in Mexico City, standing on my front porch in Brownsville, TX, talking about a shared ministry experience in Budapest, HU. At that point, out of fear for being struck by lightning, we decided God finally had gotten our full attention and that we would indeed heed His call.
And that might be surprising but wait until you hear what happens next.